Andy Warhol, ‘Portrait at the Factory, 47th St., No.II’


By David McCabe
New York, U.S.A. 1965
Silver gelatin print hand-signed by the photographer
Limited Edition of 25
Paper size 11h x 14w inches

Other available
Paper Size 16h x 20w inches | £5750+VAT GBP

‘Andy was a very mild-mannered, shy, sweet guy. A lot of people destroyed themselves around him, but he had no hand in that. I never saw him take drugs himself. He was too timid. I barely saw him drink. He was a workaholic. I’d arrive at the Factory and it would be mayhem: Stones music and Beatles music playing at full blast, people dancing, people making out on couches – and there was Andy in the middle of it all, on his hands and knees, churning out work. I think it gave him energy to have this chaos going on around him. The people who actually worked for him, Gerard Malanga and Chuck Wein, really did work hard producing his work, but there was another layer of people who just brought energy to the Factory: good-looking boys and girls, transvestites. These people were drawn to him like moths to a flame. Andy was non-judgmental. He didn’t care if you were out of your mind or what. People have said he took advantage of these people, but I don’t think he did. Someone like Edie Sedgwick was already pretty messed up before she arrived at the Factory. It had nothing to do with Andy’ David McCabe

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